Note: If you have already paid Helen for your cookbook, these directions are not for you!

  1. If you haven’t sent in any recipes or notes for your existing recipes, do so by emailing me here (you have until midnight on 7/31/18, CDT)!
  2. Click on “this link” or “shop” in the menu above.
  3. Click on the cookbook photo for the full description.
  4. Select how many you would like mailed to you (If you have different mailing addresses you’d like each to go to, just include that info in the comments section at checkout. Or email me.).
  5. Credit card users, ignore the PayPal buttons at the beginning of the ordering process. The site will ask for your credit card info later on in the checkout process.
  6. Shipping is included in the price, so you don’t need to “calculate shipping”.

Follow the steps to check out, and email me at right away, should you have any problems.

Cookbooks will be printed out and shipped by the middle of August. 

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